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Parental Guide

Filtering disturbing material from young eyes is a dilemma that has faced web providers since the beginning of the internet. To date the most successful method of prevention is adult supervision. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the account user to ensure that inappropriate material is not viewed by persons under the age of 18. To assist with this task please find below links to some of the more commonly known content filtering software. Included are links to further information on prevention.

If you wish to make a complaint about a website that you feel is displaying inappropriate material without warnings please submit the complaint at the Australian Broadcasting Association. If the web page resides on Omninet please contact support. Please ensure you understand the conditions of making a complain by following this direct link.



Filtering software:

Net Nanny - Peace of mind through innovative security and privacy solutions for the digital world.

Cyber Sentinel - Embracing the Internet is an essential component in the modern academic world. The benefits attained by the advancement of technology bring with it associated risks, in particular, the potential exposure of students to inappropriate material, and/or inappropriate people.

For more information, please feel free to visit the NetAlert Site.




Helpful advice:

Net Alert - NetAlert is a new community advisory body on Internet content recently established by the Australian Government. Our role is an advisory one - we're here to educate parents about the online world, advise young people on safe surfing, and provide a link to the industry.