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Guide to setting up and establishing your Omninet homepage.

Please note that you will need to be connected (modem, ISDN or adsl) into the Omninet to upload your WebPages. Provision can be made for connections outside of our Network, if you have a static IP.

This guide is designed to help users who have created there own web pages and are ready to "upload" those pages to the Omninet server. If you haven't created any web pages we suggest using Microsoft Frontpage and a tutorial book to get you started.

In accordance with Australia's Internet Content Regulation Scheme Omninet does not allow the following to be stored on any server within the Omninet network:

  • Pornography

  • Racist Content

  • Pirated Software

  • Virus and Trojan Software

  • Hacking Information

Uploading your webpage

The first thing to do is make sure your first web page or your main page is saved as index.htm (this acts as a default web page, so visitors don't receive a directory listing of all your web files)

Next you'll need a program than can transfer/upload your web pages (files) to our web server. You can use  CuteFTP which can be downloaded by clicking here . Once you've downloaded and installed your FTP program you need to connect to Omninet and run the program. The first time you run a FTP program a pop-up window usually appears asking for server connect information. Listed below are the common requirements.

Host name : ftp.omninet.net.au or
User name : (same as your Omninet login name)
Password : (same as your Omninet password)

Leave all other settings  as default (same as you first saw them).

Once these setting have been entered and you've pressed the connect button you should have a new layout that will usually display the files on your computer on the left and your webspace on the right. 

Next you need to create a folder in your web space called www to do this simply right click anywhere in the blank area in your web space panel and select the make new directory option and type in www.  Usually this is done already on the Omninet web server when accounts are created.

If you double click on the new www folder you'll be taken to the area your web pages will be stored. 

Finally to upload the pages you need to select the files in the left panel and click the up arrow (upload) button. Another way to upload is to double click on the file in the left panel or another way is to left click and hold down and drag the file from the left panel to the right.

To replace (update) an existing file (web page or pic), you must first delete it off our web server. To do this, right click on the file on the right side panel (our web server), then click delete. Once it has gone, just then double left click on your new file on the left panel

 After the files have been uploaded you can then view your web page by opening your web browser and entering the following URL or address.

http://www.omninet.net.au/~username   (note you replace username with your Omninet login name)

For more information about appropriate web page content please visit.