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Guidelines for Sexual Happiness
Healthy sexuality is essential to a healthy and happy marriage. In fact, the Bible recognizes sex as a part of life that God himself created. God created us as sexual beings and he designed men and women to find pleasure in each other. It’s of interest to note that the Bible has an entire book about the wonders of romance. And In reality, only within the covenant of marriage, can two people fully enjoy what God intended.

Frederick Buechner wrote: “Sex is not sin (but) it’s not salvation either.” Friends, people can pervert their sexuality. The true joy of sex can only be experienced by two people who are totally committed to one another for life. Momentary sexual thrills pale by comparison to the simultaneous joy of physical intimacy, complete trust, and lifetime commitment. True sexual fulfilment can never be found outside of marriage.

Sexual happiness occurs between persons, not between objects. No one wants to be demeaned into a “sex object.” Sexual enjoyment must be mutual to be complete, and although it seems a contradiction, the greatest sexual enjoyment inevitably occurs when each partner’s primary goal is to being pleasure to each other.

Never try to measure your happiness by some standard from the media. In a culture bombarded with sexual stimuli, remember that sex is only a minor part of real and lasting love. Why should you trust some unhappy Hollywood script writer to tell you what constitutes sexual fulfilment? You are two unique individuals and your desires and needs are your own. What really matters is the care that you show for each other.

Sexuality is part of the total relationship of two people. No one can expect to have a satisfying intimate relationship if caring and consideration is missing in other aspects of the marriage. “Showing Love” must precede and accompany “making love.” And I would go so far as to say, that the diverse components that lead to real and lasting marital enjoyment can only come together in God-approved and God-inspired relationships.

A good sex life between husband and wife is not something that “just happens.” It comes from an atmosphere that you have carefully created all day, all week, all month, and all year for many years. If you would like a copy of a small booklet that would help you, I’d be happy to send you a booklet, “The Key to Positive Sexuality,” which will help you to better understand what I’ve just shared with you today. It’s yours, obligation FREE.

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