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Hope on, my friend!
Hope! It keeps you excited about the future - whatever your age-and therefore about the present. However, there are many people who say "it isn't easy to have hope".

True! Life isn't always fair. You've learnt that the hard way, haven't you?

If you have read the Old Testament book of Job, you would be familiar with that amazing story of the wealthy farmer who had such heartbreaking bad luck. Within one nightmarish twenty-four hour period he plummeted from prosperity to poverty, from happiness to heartache.

First, a gang of rustlers savagely murdered his farm-hands and stole his livestock. Then he received the crushing news that every one of his children-all ten of them-had been killed in a tornado.

But that wasn't the end of it. Within hours after burying his children, he came down with shingles. Well, really it was worse than shingles. Painful sores covered his body from foot to scalp. The sores ruptured and scabbed over. The wounds festered and worms bred in the putrefying flesh. Adding to his agony, his wife nagged and his friends lied about him.

How do you explain it? He was a God-fearing man. He never turned away anyone in need. He was benevolent, thoughtful, kind. Highly respected and sincerely loved.

Unleashing his misery he said that he wished he had never been born, and he begged God to let him die. "Who can see any hope for me?" he asked. He was hurt, angry with God. Yet he had trusted him for so long that he couldn't turn away. "I will hope in him," he said. And eventually his hope was rewarded. In fact, in Job chapter 42, verses 10 and 12 we read… "…the Lord made him prosperous again and gave him twice as much as he had before… The Lord blessed the latter part of Job's life more than the first".

As hard as it is to understand, bad things do happen to good people. But don't give up hope! Hope is the handle which gives you a grip on life and on God.

Friend, if you're a little down-and-out right now, having a hard time feeling excited about your future, overwhelmed by your pain or your past, let me give you a line to remember … a line of Scripture which explains the indomitable spirit of Abraham… "For Abraham, when hope was gone, hoped on in faith" (Romans 4:18).

Hope on, my friend!

Perhaps you would like some further encouragement to help keep your hope alive? If so, I encourage you to write to me and ask for a pamphlet titled "HOPE". To receive your FREE copy by return mail, simply write to me at: P.O. Box 1540, Albany WA 6331. You may also request "HOPE" by Phone/Fax on: (08) 9841 8418, or by E-mail at: abl-alb@omninet.net.au