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Released December 2014

B G 2048 is a tile-sliding game with a difference. In most tile-sliding games, you can only slide one tile at a time, and the number of tiles remains constant. Spoonbill Software's B G 15 Puzzle game is of this type. B G 2048 on the other hand, starts with only two tiles randomly positioned on the board, and after each move, a new tile is added to the board. In each move, all tiles slide in one of the cardinal directions, left, right, up or down. During the move, one or more pairs of tiles with the same value can merge into a single tile. So the number of tiles on the board fluctuates throughout the game. New tiles added to the board start life with either a value of 2 or 4. Pairs of tiles with the same value can be merged during a move, and the merged tile becomes worth double the value of each of the merged tiles. For example, two tiles each worth 4 can merge into a single tile worth 8. The object of the game is to get a tile with a value of 2048. Along the way you score points for your moves. The value of each merged tile you create is added to your score as play progresses. The game ends when the board becomes full and there are no moves left. So you not only try to create the ultimate 2048 tile, but you also try to beat your previous highest score.

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