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Released October 2013

In BG Aces Up Solitaire, you try to get the four Aces, one to the top of each of the four columns of the tableau, discarding all the other 48 cards of the deck in the process.

The tableau starts empty with a shuffled deck of 52 face down cards which forms the stock. Cards are dealt face up in groups of four, one to each column of the tableau. A card dealt to a column aleady containing cards, is dealt overlapping the bottom card of the column. Only the bottom card of each column is exposed and available for play.

After each four cards have been dealt, you must remove as many cards as possible from the tableau. Only exposed cards can be removed. You can remove an exposed card if it is of the same suit as another exposed card but lower in rank. Aces rank high (above Kings) and cannot be removed. If there is more than one card in the same column as the removed card, the card covered by the removed card now becomes exposed and a candidate for removal itself. If the removed card is the only card in its column, this leaves an empty column and any exposed Ace can be moved to the top of the empty column.

When all possible cards have been removed, and any exposed Aces promoted to the tops of columns, four more cards are dealt and the discarding process begins again.

The game ends when all 48 cards have been dealt and as many cards as possible have been removed from the tableau.

A scoring system has been added to the game to make it more interesting. You try to beat your previous highest average score.

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