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Released July 2018

In Blind Gamers Alchemy you are a trainee Alchemist learning the art of transmuting Lead into Gold and in the process advancing through the Alchemical ranks to reach your ultimate goal of becoming the Grand Alchemical Emperor.

On each level you must transmute each of the 72 cells on the board from Lead to Gold. You do this by placing mystic Runes on the board according to certain rules. Each mystic rune successfully placed on a Lead cell, is immediately transmuted to Gold. Each Rune must be played next to another Rune already on the board. To successfully play a Rune, all edges of the Rune which abut Runes already on the board must match in color or type or both. You score points for each play based on the number of matched edges and whether you played the Rune on a Lead cell or a cell already transmuted to Gold.

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