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Released June 2012

BG Battleship is a blind accessible version of the popular pencil and paper game, Battleship.

Each player has a certain number of ships which they place on their Ocean grid at the start of the game. Then players take it in turn to fire a shot at the enemy's Ocean grid, trying to hit one of the enemy ships. They record the result of each shot on their Target grids. The first player to completely sink all the enemy ships is declared the winner.

There are seven types of ship, and you can elect to have as many or as few of each as you like. The board can be any size from 8 by 8 up to 20 by 20. And to cater for all the different versions which exist out there, there are a host of other parameters which you can set so that the game plays like the one you might have played in the past.

You can play against another human player or against the computer. You can even play in Solitaire mode, trying to sink the enemy ships in as few shots a possible.

Click here to download the install file for BG Battleship