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Released October 2006

BG Boggle 1.0 is the accessible version of the popular word game Boggle.

Boggle is played with 16 letter cubes arranged in a four by four grid. Each cube has 6 faces and each face of each cube contains a single letter of the alphabet. The exception to this is that a single face of one of the letter cubes contains a Q U combination. You cannot make words which contain a Q not followed by a U. At the start of the game, the letter cubes are shuffled at random and dropped into the cube tray.

In the Blind gamers version of the game, you have to make as many words of three or more letters as you can, following the rules of Boggle, attempting to make all the possible words for that particular arrangement of the letter cubes. Each letter of the word must be connected to the next letter of the word either horizontally, vertically or diagonally in the grid.

You try to score as high a percentage as possible. If you find all the words you score 100 percent. Each random game is guaranteed to contain at least ten words.

Click here to download the install file for BG Boggle