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Released September 2008

BG Chess Challenge 1.0 is an accessible version of the popular board game. It is designed to play a good game of Chess against an average player. It is not designed to be world beating and has not been rated against any other chess engine. This is the first game in the Blind Gamers series of games which is designed for all levels of visual acuity. It can be run in one of three modes: Blind, Vision Impaired or Sighted. By default it is set to run in Blind accessible mode. Its features include:

Easy board navigation. Helpful function keys to report threats and attacks on pieces and empty squares. Play against the computer or another human player. Set the computer player's skill level from Beginner to Expert. Exchange pieces - computer plays your pieces and you play the computer's pieces. Undo moves. Save and Resume game. Preset a position. Good for solving Chess problems and practising end-game scenarios. Hint key to give you a hint as to your next move. Key to force the computer to play your next move. Comprehensive Help including a separate document for beginners entitled "How To Play Chess". Save the move list to a text file to retain a record of a completed game.

Click here to download the install file for BG Chess Challenge