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Released October 2013

BG Elevens Solitaire 1.0 is a blind accessible version of Elevens Solitaire. In this card game, you try to remove as many cards from the tableau as possible. You win the game if you manage to discard all 52 cards. There are two levels of difficulty, Easier and Harder. The easier game has a 3 by 3 tableau. The Harder game has a 4 by 3 tableau.

The cards are shuffled and sufficient cards are dealt face up to the tableau such that the tableau is completely filled with cards. Cards can be discarded in the following manner. Pairs of cards can be discarded if their face values total eleven. The court cards can be discarded in triplets of Jack, Queen and King. Aces are low in this game with a face value of one.

When as many cards as possible have been removed from the tableau, the tableau is replenished from the stock by dealing a card face up to each of the empty positions created by the removed cards.

This solitaire often fails when you replenish the tableau and are unable to remove any cards. In this case you lose the game. If you manage to remove all 52 cards, you win.

A scoring system has been added to the game to make it a little more interesting.

Click here to download the install file for BG Elevens Solitaire