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Released January 2012

BG Master Mind is a blind accessible version of the code-breaking puzzle game, Master Mind.

The code maker makes a secret code from four colored code pegs. The code breaker tries to break the code in ten guesses or less. Each guess by the code breaker is evaluated by the code maker and awarded a series of black and white key pegs. A black key peg is awarded for a code peg which is both of the correct color and in the correct position as in the secret code. A white key peg is awarded for a code peg of the correct color which is not in the correct position. Each time the code breaker tries another guess, they try to use the information gleaned from the key pegs of previous guesses to get a little closer to cracking the secret code.

In this computer implementation, the computer is always the code maker, and you, the player, are the code breaker. Your best performance is remembered and in subsequent games, you try to beat your previous best.

Click here to download the install file for BG Master Mind