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Released January 2013

BG Pyramid Solitaire 1.0 is an accessible version of the classic solitaire card game. In this solitaire, the 28 tableau cards are laid out, face up, in the shape of a pyramid, not in columns like many other solitaire card games. In addition to the pyramid cards, the remainder of the 52-card deck is placed face down in a pile to form the talon or stock. There is also a waste pile and a discard pile. At the start of a game the top card of the talon is turned face up and can be used as half of a pair. The waste pile and the discard pile are empty. The object of the game is to clear the pyramid by removing pairs of cards which total 13. Kings which are themselves worth 13, can be removed singly and not as part of a pair. When no more pairs of cards can be removed, you can transfer the top card of the talon to the top of the waste pile, revealing a new card in the talon. You continue in this fashion, removing pairs of cards, until the talon is empty. The waste pile can then be turned over and returned to the talon. You are allowed three passes through the talon. Clearing all the cards from the pyramid is your first objective, but discarding all 52 cards earns you a 100 point bonus. There are two levels of difficulty, Easy and Hard.  This game is designed for both blind players and partially sighted players. A maximize option magnifies the card images to full screen size for those with partial sight.

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