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Released December 2014

BG Simon 1.0 is Spoonbill Software's blind accessible version of the Milton Bradley game which was all the rage in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The original game consisted of a circular hand-held console with four colored buttons on its face. Each button was associated with a particular musical note. When you started a new game, the console played a musical note and the appropriate colored button lit up. You then had to repeat this note by pressing the appropriate button. If your response was correct, the console then played a two-note sequence which consisted of the original note, followed by a random second note. Again the appropriate button lit as each note was played. You were then required to repeat this two-note sequence correctly by pressing the appropriate buttons. The two-note sequence was then augmented by adding a third random note. Again you had to repeat this sequence correctly before you could proceed. This continued until you failed to press the correct button during your repetition of the note sequence. The object of the game was to extend the sequence of notes as far as possible before making an error. The game is essentially a test of memory.

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