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Released October 2013

BG Word Builder 1.0 is a two player word game. In this game you pit your wits against the computer. The two players take it in turns to play a letter to the board, attempting to complete a word before their opponent.

The game is played in rounds, each player taking it in turn to start the round. The game board consists of a single row of 15 cells. The player who leads to the round can place their letter in any cell of the board. From then on, players must play their letter adjacent to a previously played letter.

You should always have a word in mind when playing your letter, because your opponent can challenge you if they think that there isn't a word containing the letters already played. A successful challenge automatically wins that round for the challenger.

At your turn you have the option of either playing a letter to the board to continue building a word, and then passing the turn to your opponent, or playing a letter to the board and then claiming the completed word. The first person to successfully claim a completed word wins that round and scores the points. The first player to reach 50 points wins the game.

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