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Released May 2017

BG Word Candy is a blind accessible version of the on-line game. It is played in levels against the clock.

Each level presents you with six scrambled letters, and a certain number of words to make with those letters. There is at least one six-letter word amongst them.

Each word must contain at least three letters, but the longer the word the more points you score, so it makes sense to find the longer words first. You must  make the target number of words before the game clock counts down to zero.

If you complete the level successfully, you score points for the words you make. This is your word score. In addition, you score a time bonus based on the amount of time left on the game clock, and a six-letter bonus for each six-letter word you make.

If the game clock runs out before you have completed the level, the game is over. The object of the game is to beat your previous highest score.

There is a non-timed mode for those players who like a more relaxed game.

Click here to download the install file for BG Word Candy