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Released August 2016

BG Word Maze  combines the skill of solving a maze with the skill of unscrambling letters to make words. The game is played in levels. There are seven levels in all. Each level has a larger maze and more letters to collect.

Each level consists of two distinct phases. Firstly you move through a singly-connected maze, collecting letters as you go. When you have completely solved the maze, that is the end of phase one. The second phase requires you to unscramble the letters you have collected, to make the longest word possible. If you use all the collected letters to make a word of maximum length, you score two points per letter. If you cannot discover the maximum length word, you can elect to submit a shorter word for which you score one point per letter.

When you have completed all seven levels, the game is over and, if your score is better than the highest score so far, your score becomes the new high score. Your ultimate aim is to get a perfect score of 98 points.

Click here to download the install file for BG Word Maze