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Released December 2014

B G Word Yahtzee is a game which is a cross between the word game Boggle and the dice game Yahtzee.

Instead of rolling dice and then scoring against a category, you make words from 16 random letters and then score against a category. In this game there are nine categories and therefore nine rounds of play. In each round you get a letter allowance of 100 letters to make words. The words you make are scored differently for each category. At the end of each round, the potential scores for each of the still available categories are indicated in the score sheet. You decide which category you will score against by moving to the appropriate potential score and hitting the Enter key. This then becomes the permanent score for the category. Once scored against, a category becomes unavailable for scoring throughout the rest of the game. In addition to scoring against categories, you can get bonuses in the top and bottom sections of the score sheet.

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