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Released January 2007

BG Yahtzee 1.0 is an accessible version of Yahtzee, the popular dice game. The first release features only the original classic game for a single player. Future releases may allow play against other humans and even the computer. For those of you who have never played Yahtzee before, here is a brief description of the game:

Yahtzee is a game of 13 rounds where the player rolls five dice and tries to score as many points as possible. Each round consists of as many as three dice rolls. During the first roll of each round you must roll all five dice. You then have two optional rolls in which you only need to roll some of the dice, the others remain fixed as previously rolled. When the five dice show a favorable combination or after the third roll of the round (whichever comes first), the player must score in one of thirteen scoring categories. Each scoring category can be scored against only once. It may happen that during a particular round, the final dice roll reveals a combination which scores no points in any of the available categories. In this case, the player must choose one of the available categories to score against, and score zero points for that round. At the end of thirteen rounds, the game is over and if you have managed to score more than the previous highest score, your new score will be remembered as the current highest score.

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