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Crossword Compiler is designed to produce professional crossword puzzles whose format is square or rectangular. If you want to produce non-standard crossword puzzles with fancy shapes, this is not the application for you. Crossword Compiler allows you, the crossword compiler, to follow the logical steps in creating a quality crossword puzzle.
  • You start out by designing a skeleton (or you can used a previously-created skeleton).
  • The next process involves populating the skeleton with words. Here Crossword Compiler can assist you by providing a suggestion list of words which fit the missing letters of the word you are entering.
  • When you have fully populated the crossword grid with words, the next step is to compile the clues.
  • The final step is to print the crossword and clues onto paper.
You can also use Crossword Compiler to solve crosswords by importing Across Lite format crosswords from the Internet.

Crossword compiler comes complete with a choice between an 80,000 word dictionary and a 238,000 word dictionary which also contains not only single words but a plethora of multi-word phrases. And functions such as suggestions for words with missing letters. The Find Word function is handy for solving crossword puzzles. For instance, if the answer to one of the clues is a word .T...GE (where . denotes a missing letter), the Find Word function will give you a list of three words which fit this pattern, STORAGE, STOWAGE and STRANGE. The Edit Dictionary function allows you to add, modify and delete words in the dictionary.

Latest version 4.2c permits import of Across Lite Binary version 1.4 in addition to version 1.2 and 1.3

Click here to download the install file for Crossword Compiler