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This game is a remake of the old Apple II game called Dung Beetles by Bob Bishop. For Apple aficionados it has the original La Cucuracha theme at the beginning of the game, and the "We gotcha!" when one of the beetles gets you. It also has the roaming magnifier which follows the player around the maze. This can be switched off in Easy mode, or switched on in Hard mode. There are two ways to play the game - Original and Modified.

Original - Hard plays exactly like the original game on the Apple II. Original - Easy is the original game without the magnifier. You get 8 beetles per level. Scoring remains the same for each level.

Modified - Hard starts off with two beetles on the first level with an additional two beetles on each subsequent level. Point scores are increased with each successive level. Modified - Easy is the same game without the magnifier.
dung beetles
Full screen mode does not work under Win 8 and Win 10, so this has been replaced in version 2.0 by a user-specified variable window size.
For those of you who have never played Dung Beetles before, here are the very simple rules:
  • Travel through the maze, eating the food pellets while avoiding the killer beetles.
  • Use the arrow keys to guide your player around the maze.
  • Eat all the food pellets to complete the level.
  • As you move around the maze, you leave a "poop" trail which the beetles will follow in preference, eating up the trail as they go. Try to leave false trails in an attempt to divert the beetles away from you.
  • The game ends as soon as a beetle kills you.
Click here to download the install file for Apple Dung Beetles