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The version 1.1 upgrade includes:
  • Functionality to enable you to print a puzzle onto paper for solving away from the computer.
  • A separate NotAWord dictionary which prevents words which you have previously deemed not to be words from repeatedly appearing in the Unknown Words list.
Spoonbill Word Target is a game of anagrams. A 9-letter word is chosen at random from the dictionary, its letters scrambled and presented in a 3 by 3 grid. The central letter is referred to as the Target letter and must be included in every word you make. Your target is to make as many words of 4 letters or more from the letters in the Target grid. Verb forms ending in S and plurals ending in S are not allowed. Proper names are not allowed. Foreign words are not allowed unless they have been adopted into the English language. You must, of course, have at least one 9-letter word in your list. This game has the following features:
  • Word Assist. With Word Assist turned on, all the possible words are displayed with the tiles face down as in the screenshot above. As you make a new word, the tiles are flipped over to reveal that word. With Word Assist off, only the words you have already found are displayed.
  • Game Type. You can choose whether to generate a short game, an average length game or a long game with the Least, Average and Most options.
  • Random. With the Random option turned on, a random game will be generated for you. With the Random option turned off, you can enter your own puzzle. Many magazines and newspapers feature this type of puzzle and it has been called many things such as Target, Focus or Jumble Word. With Random off, you can enter the letters of a magazine puzzle and use Spoonbill Word Target to play the game.
  • Any words you find, which are not in the Word Target main dictionary, will be presented to you at the end of the game. If you deem them to be legal words according to the rules of Word Target, you can choose to add them to your supplemental User dictionary. These words will then be available for use in subsequent games.
  • The Edit Dictionary feature allows you to add missing words to your User dictionary without playing a game.
  • You can save the game you are playing at any time and resume it in another session.
This game is recommended for all you word game enthusiasts. You'll find it both challenging and addictive.

Click here to download the install file for Spoonbill Word Target