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Terms and Conditions


  • The account owner is of age 18 or more.

  • Clients need to  inform Omninet 14  days prior to any termination  or transfer of service  to another ISP.

  • The account owner is fully responsible for it’s use & all data downloaded, stored or viewed.

  • Accounts to be paid in advance & are due on the first day of the due month.

  • Payment reminders will be emailed out on the 1st of the due month, if payment is not received by the 1st of the due month. Follow-up email reminders will occur if payment is not received.  Account  suspension may occur soon after if no response or payment is received  from the client.  To avoid any payment reminders, please ensure payment is received by Omninet prior to the 1st of the due month. Please keep in mind that Bank transfers may take a few days to process by some banks.

  • Duration of Internet connection may be limited by plan conditions if all Dial-in lines are in use (Peak Times).

  • Omninet does not accept responsibility for the activities of the account user.

  • Omninet is not liable for any non-availability of Internet access, lost or corrupted data, or consequences there of.

  • Omninet is not responsible for telephone, or any other, charges incurred by the client.

  • Omninet reserves the right to alter these account conditions at any time.  

  • Users accept and allow Omninet to filter their email for Viruses & SPAM (unsolicited email)

  • Users may not utilize the Omninet Internet Service to distribute on mass, unsolicited email that contains advertising that promotes goods or services.

  • Users may not download copyrighted material using their Omninet Internet Service. Omninet operates a three strike policy where once  three reports of a download infringement will result in an account cancellation.

  • Mailbox sizes are limited to 40MB. All email thereafter will not be received into the client's mailbox until reduced below this limit.

Internet Services:

  •  Early Termination fee of $69 will be charged if service is cancelled within 6 months of commencement.

  • Client account can be terminated by Omninet at anytime, without notice.
  • By default ADSL/NBN services with data allowances are shaped to 64Kbits/sec if the monthly peak time allowance is exceeded.