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General Interest  
Picture Australia The Internet Movie Database
The Dinosauria Australian War Memorial
Fremantle City  Ice Age Mammals
The Grammar Book Environment Australia
Autopilot Australian Museum Online
Jokes.com Broadway
CIA Homepage Museum of Hoaxes
Encylopedia Britannica Collected works of Shakespeare | Site 2
Perpetual Bubblewrap US. National Library of Medicine
Scrolls from the Dead Seas Desktop Star Ships
Bonehead of the Day The Visible Human
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society South Park Studios
The Chaser Mountain Zone
Wallace & Gromit The Simpsons
Triple J Crimenet
Hotwired Astronomy Pic of the Day
Fortean Times Oz Comics
Wiki Leaks International Space Station
Ananova Nasa TV
Bradford Robotic Telescope The Awful Truth
Alta Vista Language Translations Trading Post
Totally Absurd Inventions WA Lotteries Commission - Lotto results
USPTO Web Patent Database Time and Date Gateway
Microsoft Encarta Space.com
Walking with Dinosaurs Albany Public Library
Current Solar Data How Stuff Works
IBM Intellectual Property Network Teacher Vision
Nasa Bored.Com
E-Bay Dictionary.Com
Terra Server Scientific American
Hotmail Popular Science
Astronomy Now Popular Mechanics
Astronomy.com Wikipedia
Live Science World Science
You Tube At the Movies
The Movie Show Space Weather
Gizmodo Physorg
ABC Radio National ABC News Radio
Science Daily Discovery News
Dude I want That !  






Zodiac Forecasts. Daily and Weekly UFO reporting Centre
The MILLENNIUM Matters... Feng Shui
Crop Circle Connector Zerotime
Yahoo Horoscopes