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For Telephone support call us on

1300 735 204


Customer Advice

1. If your experiencing a computer problem we always recommend rebooting your computer first and reconnecting to see if the reboot has cured the problem.

2. If the problem is constantly disrupting your ability to web browse and check email then write down any error messages and  call support and we will try to help you  resolve the problem.

3. Always try to disconnect the phone line from ADSL/NBN modem during a thunderstorm to reduce the chance of lightning damage to your modem.

4 . Be careful about opening email attachments, even from friends as they might have a virus. Buy a virus scanner and keep it up to date. Backup important data onto floppy or other storage media.

5. Supervise children when they are on the net. At least, talk to them about stranger danger (online chat).

6. Do not download any exe or com files from pornography sites as they might change your computer to dial a 1900 or similar number. To protect yourself, ask your telephone carrier to put a block on 1900 and similar numbers on your phone. 1900 numbers attract high charges. Contact Your phone carrier for more information on this problem.

7. Beware of Bank Scams in your email. There has been an increase of attempted email bank scams where criminals will try to obtain your online banking details such as your customer number and password. It is important that you do not respond to any emails asking you to confirm your details or to click on an attachment. The attachment may be a Trojan program that records your keystrokes when entering your online banking site. 
Please report all bank scam emails to WAScamNet@docep.wa.gov.au

8. Reporting Child Pornography. The Australia Federal Police has a web page providing advice. If you receive emails containing child pornography, please report it to National-OCSET-OMC@afp.gov.au

Keep your virus scanning/prevention and firewall  software up to date and be careful about opening email attachments. It is highly improbable that your bank will ask you to confirm anything through email. If in doubt about a suspect  email,  ring your bank.

Tips/advice on Avoiding Spam (Unsolicited Email) :

1. Use a unique username so that spammers can't guess it too easily. asmith@ or bill@ is an easy one for spammers to guess.

2. Don't use you real email address when posting on newsgroups. Spammers regularly harvest email addresses from newsgroups.

3. If you do get spam, Never respond or ask them to remove you from thier list. This only confirms to them  that the email address works. 

4. Be guarded about who you provide your email address to. Some companies will sell their databases containing your particulars  to others. If you have to provide a email address, maybe provide a temporary Hotmail address.

5. If you are getting too much spam, think about changing your email address. i.e. Ring Omninet and ask to delete your old one and create a new one. It's easily done between 9am ~ 6pm WA time Mon-Fri.


Email problems
Please don't email Omninet Support if your experiencing email problems - we may not get your message or you may not get ours. The best thing is to call us direct on 98425055 or 1300 735 204.

Internet Assistance Program   
A Government sponsored web page to assist those having difficulties
connecting or staying connected to their ISP.


Removing Spyware

Omninet recommends SpyBot to remove unwanted spyware from your PC.  Spyware - A general term for a program that surreptitiously monitors your actions. While they are sometimes sinister, like a remote control program used by a hacker, software companies have been known to use spyware to gather data about customers. The practice is generally frowned upon.

Content Filtering Advice
Consumer Advice on the Net


Accessing your Omninet email when travelling

If you would like to keep a check on your omninet email whilst you are travelling.  its easy, just go to our Web-Email Page and enter your username and password.

Important Details ....

Omninet customers can call 9842 5055 for support
Support Hours : 9am-6pm  Mon - Fri (except Public Holidays)

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