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Omninet now offers NBN Fibre Optic Internet  services to home and business. To find out where NBN is being rolled out, check this map.


Standard Connection Fee

 (May vary on Site Assessment and Connection type)




Brand New Installation (new Homes) $330 + Labour Rate + Materials *cost subject to change by NBN.
Netcomm  NF-10W  Router $99 Inc
Netcomm  NF-10VW  Router $109 Inc

VOIP Standard Plan  $25/month Unlimited Local and National Call
VOIP Extra Plan  $45/month Unlimited Local, National  and calls to mobile
International Pack: $10/month  Unlimited calls to 13 countries.


Speed (DL/UL)  Data Allowance (Peak  + Offpeak)  Monthly Fee
Fibre,FTTN. & Wireless :    
12 Mbit/1Mbit 25GB + 25GB $55
12 Mbit/1Mbit 50GB +50GB $65
12 Mbit/1Mbit Unlimited $70
25Mbit/5Mbit 25GB + 25GB $65
25Mbit/5Mbit 50GB +50GB $72
25Mbit/5Mbit Unlimited $89
Fibre only :    
50Mbit/20Mbit 25Gb + 25GB $77
50Mbit/20Mbit 50Gb +50GB $83
50Mbit/20Mbit Unlimited $95
  All above services are shaped to 512kbps once allowance is exceeded  
12 Mbit/1Mbit 10GB + 10GB $45
12 Mbit/1Mbit 35GB + 45GB $55
12 Mbit/1Mbit 40GB + 60GB $70
12 Mbit/1Mbit 60GB + 90GB $135
25Mbit/5Mbit 10GB + 10GB $55
25Mbit/5Mbit 35GB + 45GB $67
25Mbit/5Mbit 40GB + 60GB $78
25Mbit/5Mbit 60GB + 90GB $146
  Satellite speeds will be shaped to 128kbps once allowance is exceeded  


Satellite PEAK (7am-1am), OFF-PEAK  (1am - 7am)
Satellite Maximum Peak Download : 70GB
Satellite Maximum Off Peak Download : 150GB

Contract periods are set for 12 months.

Extra Service fee:

Incorrect call out fee $200.00
Service cancellation within 12 months $100.00
NBN Service Transfer (churn on same UNI-D) TBA
Order reschedule by Customer $25.00
Cancellation prior to delivery $50.00

Additional Conditions

  • Billing period is one calendar month.
  • Speed upgrade permissible within contract period at no cost. Downgrades within contract will incur an Early Termination Fee.
  • NBN advertised speed may not be real world speed. NBNCo and Omninet provide no guarantees around minimum achievable speeds,
  • Services up to and including 50/20Mb may be delivered as L2TP encapsulated PPP sessions.
  • Payment in advance can be made using credit card, cheque, cash or bank deposit.


Download NBN Application


If you need further information, just call us on 1300 735 204