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Omninet now offers home/business and Mobile phone services:

  • PSTN  (standard phone Line)

  • VOIP (Voice over IP)

  • Mobile services

  • 1300 & 1800 Numbers.

These can supplied as  a standalone service or bundled (including ADSL)

PSTN (Home  & Business Services)

Line Rental (PSTN/Fixed)

Residential $31/month *
Business $38/month *

* (cheaper if bundled with ADSL/WIRELESS)

Call Charges (PSTN/Fixed)
(From Fixed & Charged in 60 second blocks)

Local Calls $0.20/call  
National Calls $0.20/minute  
Mobile Phone $0.35/minute  
International Calls Varies on country
 (common examples below)*
     Fixed Line Mobile
  USA        $0.09 / minute $0.13/minute
  Great Britain  $0.011 / minute $1.04/minute
  Canada        $0.09 / minute $0.13/minute
  China       $0.10 / minute $0.08/minute
  Indonesia       $0.54 / minute $0.70/minute

* subject to change on regular basis

Extra Services (monthly Fees):

Calling Number Display  $6.60
Messagebank $6.60
Silent Number $6.00
Line Hunt – Call circulate $4.95
Easy Call Control $3.90
Remote Access (remote redirection) $3.00
1300 numbers (setup  $242.00) $28.00

VOIP (Home  & Business Services)


Unlimited Land line calls $25/month *
Unlimited landline, mobile $45/month *
Country Pack: Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, UK, USA, China, India, New Zealand, Italy, Vietnam, Philippines and South Africa  




* Does not include calls to 13/1300  & 1800 numbers

VOIP Hardware Cost Obi110 ATA       $75


Mobile Plans
( 2 year contract period)

Startup Fee $15 (no setup for existing clients)


Optus Mobile Plans Monthly Fee

Free Calls

Free Data

 Free SMS
Mini $29 $300 100MB $300
Lite $40 $300 1GB Unlimited
Runabout $45 Unlimited 1.5GB Unlimited
Bowrider $65 Unlimited 5GB Unlimited
Cruiser $85


8GB Unlimited

Fair Use Policy applies and excludes calls to 1800 & 13/1300 numbers to Mobile Plans.

Additional Conditions

  • All PSTN/MOBILE accounts are subject to Omninet's terms and conditions.
  • Billing period is one calendar month.

Payment in advance can be made using credit card, cheque, cash or bank deposit.


Download PSTN/MOBILE Application

Download PSTN/ADSL Bundled Application



If you need further information, just call us on 1300 735 204