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Domain Names & Web Publishing Services

Many companies are now looking seriously at the Internet as a opportunity to market their product or service to a global market. As well as the global, the local market can be provided with greater degrees of information, such as a "virtual walk-throughs", online tours and alike. Some already have a presence there in the form of an e-mail address or even a web page. To project a professional image on the Net a company should have it’s own Domain Name. If you consider Web sites on the Internet as being like house addresses, then having a Domain Name is like owning an entire street and every house on that street, can be a separate email address. Some businesses for example, will have a sales@yourbusinness.com.au ,admin@yourbusinness.com.au and technical@yourbusinness.com.au etc to assist with the faster contact with their customers.

An example of the difference in the appearance of a companies ‘virtual’ address:

Appearance to Customers
Your own Domain Name Hosted Client (common)
Web Site:



E-mail Address (example):



Having your businesses name as a domain makes it easier for people to find you without having to resort to an Internet Search. Other advantages of having your own domain include, portability of the addresses & web site, and unlimited free ‘virtual’ E-mail addresses. Ensure you obtain the name YOU want for your Business on the Net, before it is reserved by others. A Domain Name will ensure your company's name will have its rightful place in the market place of the future as the gateway to YOUR business.

 Omninet has one main package deal aimed to help businesses establish themselves on the Net:

• Domain Name registration & Hosting   • Web Site creation   • E-Commerce support  

Domain Hosting  $155/year - Single Domains
$110/year/domain -  (Multiple domains)
Domain registration $99.00 (per 2 years) DOT.COM.AU/DOT.COM
$49.00 (per 2 years) DOT.ORG

More classifications available upon enquiry.

Web Site creation  See Reitze Designs
Standard Domain Name Package:  
Includes: Set-up $55
Registration Fee $99.95/2 years
Annual Hosting Fee $155
Omninet in-house Services:
Creation of a Customized web site - HTML Authoring & Image Scanning
CGI Programming


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